Cistern Pumps


Introducing the Pedrollo UP, the best choice for cistern pumps. 

  • Flat curves, especially the 1½ & 2 HP models. 
  • Low submergence requirements (2½”!), which means maximum tank utilization
  • Automatic venting, no holes to drill in the discharge piping.Stainless housing and Noryl impellers & diffusers.​​
  • Dual seals
  • Available in 240V, both 1Ø and 3Ø. 2 HP pumps available in 480V/3Ø
  • Built in Italy, in an ISO 9001 facility
  • 2 year warranty

120V Myers/Pentair Cistern Pumps

Georgia Water Tanks now stocks the Myers (division of Pentair) 20 MD cistern pump. Available in 120V only, it provides over 15 gpm at 50 PSI, perfect for irrigating community gardens and city lots. It’s 5″ submergence requirement is one of the lowest of any​ vertical pump.


DP Pumps is a Dutch company, manufacturing vertical multistage and close-coupled end suction centrifugal pumps. Click on the image below to see the brochure. 


The DPV is a vertical multistage pump in either SS304 or SS316. The DPVF is available with NSF certification, ANSI flanges, and NEMA motor stools. This pump is available with many different types of connections, including flanged, threaded, triclamp and Victaulic. This pump is now offered with a low NPSH impeller as well as myriad seal options.

Max Head – 1000 ft.

Max Flow – 800 USGPM

Max Temperature – 300 F​​​​


The DPHM is a close coupled multistage pump. This is available in small sizes and is a favorite among original equipment manufacturers.

Max Head – 230 ft.

Max Flow – 50 USGPM

Max Temperature – 190 F

Pedrollo Pump Performance

Pedrollo UP Family Curve
Pedrollo UP Models & Horsepower
Model HP 230V 1Ø 230V 3Ø 480V 3Ø
UP2/2 1 5.8 Amps 3.8 Amps 2.2 Amps
UP2/3 1.5 8 Amps 5.3 Amps 3.1 Amps
UP2/4* 2 10 Amps 6 Amps 3.5 Amps
UP4/2 1 5.8 Amps 3.8 Amps 2.2 Amps
UP4/3 1.5 8 Amps 5.3 Amps 3.1 Amps
UP4/4* 2 10 Amps 6 Amps 3.5 Amps
UP8/2 1.5 8 Amps 5.3 Amps 3.1 Amps
UP8/3* 2 10 Amps 6 Amps 3.5 Amps

Myers / Pentair Pump Performance

Myers Pentair MD Cistern Pump Curve