Fiberglass Pressure Tanks


by WellMate, division of Pentair 

WellMate® composite tanks are the tank of choice in residential and commercial applications for their unmatched durability. Their fiberglass construction makes the tanks impervious to rust. In addition, their epoxy-resin sealed outer shell will not dent and the scratch-resistant paint eliminates touch-ups, making WellMate tanks virtually maintenance-free. Less than half the weight of steel tanks, WellMate tanks install more quickly and at a lower cost than the competition. Their lead-free construction makes them corrosion resistant and will not introduce undesirable chemicals or elements into the water.

A Recognized Leader in Composite Pressure Tank Design

With more than 50 years experience in composite tank design and construction, WellMate® is the leader in innovative solutions for water storage and pressure-boosting applications. State-of-the-art winding equipment, the best materials and an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility guarantee that our one-piece composite construction is second to none; providing you with truly world class products that are certified to NSF/ANSI std. 61. Both our quick-connect and classic tanks demonstrate our commitment to making the best tanks in the industry.

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