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Concrete has been used to make water tanks for many years, from 5000 gallon residential septic tanks to municipal-scale drinking water storage. 

Advantages of Concrete

Steel-reinforced concrete is one of the strongest and most durable man-made materials. It is available from hundreds of sources throughout the country. Concrete can be formed into any shape. Concrete requires very little maintenance, and can be expected to last for generations. 

Disadvantages of Concrete

The most common concerns about concrete are leaks. Concrete driveways and foundations often crack after some time. Also, concrete is not naturally watertight. Georgia Water Tanks eliminates cracks and leakage through the use of modern additives. And we stand behind our product with a 10 year no-leak warranty.


  • Reinforced concrete walls
  • Anti-shrinkage additive eliminates cracks
  • Waterproof additive
  • Waterproof joints
  • NSF 61 liner available
  • Concrete manways with ladder rungs
  • 24” H20 rated cover
  • Sloped floor and pump sump maximize water storage
  • Integration into foundations or retaining walls
  • Job-specific design
  • Integration with prefilter, pump, alternate water sources
  • 10 year no-leak warranty

Available Sizes

 Concrete cisterns can be built in any size or configuration. Typical construction is 12' x 12' compartments, with 8-12' high 8" thick walls. Contact us for recommended dimensions.