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Extras, Terms, Conditions, Warranties

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All Quotations

Unless specifically excluded in the proposal, all Georgia Water Tanks' quotations INCLUDE:  job-specific submittals, job staging at a GWT-controlled facility for up to 2 months, FOB jobsite, freight costs to jobsite or contractor’s staging point, listing your company on Georgia Water Tanks’ liability insurance certificate, OSHA approved safety plan, site specific safety plan, and workers compensation for all GWT employees, installation supervision and commissioning of supplied equipment, job-specific owner's manuals, and manufacturers' parts and labor warranty. Quotations are valid for 90 days. Hold for Approval purchase orders are recommended prior to submittal, and will freeze prices for 180 days.

Unless specifically included in the description, all quotations EXCLUDE: conformance to and drawings or specifications, anchor bolts, installation, plumbing, seismic anchoring, seismic calculations, foundation or structural calculations, foundation, soil testing, inspections, offloading, permits, compliance with "prevailing wage" and Davis-Bacon Act clauses, jobsite delays, acceptance of liquidated damages, consequential damages, “time is of the essence” language, and “pay when paid” terms, ISO 9001 certification, other certifications not expressly requested prior to this quotation.

Material will supplied in compliance with stamped submittals. Changes will be negotiated and agreed prior to release.

​Georgia Water Tanks is a sales tax agent for Georgia. Quoted prices do not include sales tax, unless expressly listed on the quotation. 

Quality Control Steel Tanks

Prices field erection during normal business hours and dry weather. Prior to scheduling the tank construction, you will be required to certify the site preparation completion. If at all possible, a representative from Georgia Water Tanks will confirm conditions in person also. If for any reason the site is not prepared in accordance with the document you signed, you will be responsible for charges for delays. These charges must be paid in full prior to scheduling a return trip. 

After tank construction and water testing, you will sign a document accepting the tank. Until that point, you may not perform work inside the tank. After that point, you will be responsible for repairs due to punctures, tears, or other damage incurred.

Concrete Tanks

Unless specifically modified in the proposal, all concrete tanks INCLUDE a 10 year parts and labor warranty.

Exact location of tank pit will be confirmed with owner prior to digging. All existing utilities are to be verified and marked by owner prior to any digging. All utilities located during excavation that are noted to be in work area will be relocated by owner. All Erosion control procedures will be set in place prior to startup. Contractor has GSWCC blue card. Type C erosion control fencing will be used at perimeter of work area. All dirt will be piled and covered with rain tarps or fenced as required to decrease erosion.

The proposal does not include the cost of additional work and or any associated costs incurred by the occurrence of unknown or unforeseen site conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Removal of rock by any means other than normal mechanical bucket excavation which does not unduly extend the allowed excavation time.
  • Excavation or removal of rock by any method including: hammering, drilling and blasting or chemical agent, carried out either by hand work or with machinery.
  • Transport /removal from site, relocation on site, or proper erosion control of surplus excavated materials.
  • Site soil conditions and or a soil profile which differs from those as described in either the geotechnical report or the engineers detailed design.
  • Additional excavation of site levels (cut & fill)required by all or any of; a) owner initiated variations, b)to comply with planning related height restrictions, c)to correct errors in the as drawn site levels.
  • Site soil conditions which do not “hold up” when excavated and which result in trench collapse.
  • Sub-surface water ingress.
  • Work required to increase the foundation bearing capacity.
  • Trenching and routing of site stormwater may require a change order.

If we discover any unstable soils or other conditions listed above during excavation, we will submit a change order for approval. 

Excavation will consist of a layback consistent with with OSHA standards for class C soil. Shoring of walls and professional soil analysis is not included in bid price.

Typical on-site construction time is 35 days, including an allowance for 4 rain days. Each rain day necessitates an additional delay day for cleanup and erosion control. The price for rain delay days and cleanup are included in the bid price. Construction schedule is dependent on the weather.

Yaskawa Drives

 Unless specifically noted otherwise in the description, all Yaskawa drives include a parts and labor warranty of 2 years.

Payment Terms

For specific payment terms, please refer to the Quotation. Returns for non-stock or subcontracted work are as permitted by the supplier or subcontractor, plus a handling charge. Unless expressly listed on the quotation, a 50% deposit is required, and all equipment must be paid for in full prior to tank erection or other commissioning, regardless of payment terms. A 10% retainage for construction and commissioning is allowed. Past due accounts incur a monthly 1% finance charge.