Above-Ground Steel Water Tanks by Corgal & Aquamate

Corrugated steel water tanks are superior to underground tanks in the following ways:

  • Less expensive, especially in Atlanta's rocky soil.
  • Easier and safer to maintain.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of available styles and accessories.
  • Shows your customers that you care about the environment.

Filtration by Intewa and Judo

  • Intewa, the best filter choice for Georgia's weather.  
  • Judo, the best automatic sediment filter, with sizes from 3/4" to 24"/9000 gpm. Screens as fine as 25 micron.

Pumps by DP Pumps and Pedrollo

  • Pedrollo UP Pumps, the best choice for submersible rainwater pumps. 
  • Paco Pumps, end suction centrifugals. Paco has one of the broadest ranges of pumps, and some of the most efficient.

Variable Frequency Drives by Yaskawa IQ Pump

  • Yaskawa IQ Pump, the drive with the best built-in control software. Made in USA.

Pumping System Efficiency Analysis

  • Don't trust the "free" analysis provided by a slick salesman.  Purchase an efficiency study with guaranteed reports.

Corgal Tanks by Water Storage Tanks Inc.
Yaskawa IQPump Pump Controller Georgia

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