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Rainwater harvesting service 

Whether it's a tune-up, preventive maintenance, or initial commissioning, Georgia Water Tanks has the right solution for you. We have engineers, mechanics, machinery, and suppliers to handle any job, large or small.

Rainwater Prefilter Cleaning

Remove leaves and acid wash 

Freeze Repair. . . and Prevention

As a former Raychem heat tracing rep, we know freeze protection!

Pump Service and Upgrades

After 30 years in the booster system business, we know pumps. This one was woefully undersized.  We replaced it with a pump that made more pressure. Even though the horsepower was higher, we knew that the electrical circuitry was more than adequate.

​This home uses the cistern for both rainwater harvesting and stormwater management. When the tank is full, rainwater must be pumped to the storm drain. If the tank overflows, the parking area and even the basement could flood. So we designed a commercial-grade controller to give the homeowner a more adjustable system, with a manual override. Everybody is happy!

City of Atlanta Certification

We have the expertise and qualifications to keep your rainwater system working as designed, , , or better! We use service technicians and engineers that know not only rainwater harvesting, but how it works with your plumbing or irrigation system. We provide annual tuneups and certification for systems registered as stormwater methods with the City of Atlanta.