Residential Rainwater Harvesting

Water your garden

This is one of the simplest uses for the water, and often we can use all the rainwater available just keeping the landscaping pretty. Rainwater is BETTER than city water, because it doesn't have chlorine. 

Typical Job

Common Components:

  1. 4" Purain prefilter, 1 per 1500 s.f. of rooftop in Georgia.
  2. Plurafit calming inlet.
  3. Size tanks with the 1:1:1 ratio. Dura-cast above ground plastic tanks in special colors, Rotoplas for tank, black, or green above-ground plastic, or Infltrator below-ground.
  4. Grundfos SBA pumps if lot size less than 1 acre, UP pump with Electrovarem controller if larger. 
  5. ​PRV or electric valve for city water standby connection. See schematics.

Wash your car

Rainwater is often BETTER than city water, because of the lack of minerals. Spot-free wash! Same components as above.

Flush your toilets & clean your clothes

The water in these applications is almost safe enough to drink. The industry term is hygenic, safe to touch and swim in, but not recommended for drinking.

Drinking rainwater

It's done all the time, but the art has been forgotten in much of the USA. Strain out the leaves and sticks, flush away the first portion of the rainfall, and keep the water cool and dark. We add sterilization in the form of UV light and carbon filtration. Atlanta is one of the few cities in the US with a code approval for residential potable rainwater harvesting.

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