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​​rainWater (AND OTHER) Filtration


We have tried bag filters and all the other self-cleaning sediment filters out there, and LOVE the Judo Profimat. Why?

  • It's self-cleaning. While changing bag filters isn't as nasty for rainwater harvesting skids as it would be for gray water, it's a maintenance item and someone has to monitor it and do it every few months.
  • It's available in sizes as small as 1". Most of our treatment is 8-20 gpm, so anything larger is not only wasting money, but harder to backwash.
  • Backwashing flow rate is lower than other manufacturers, while still effective. It's even adjustable with the built-in ball valve. This helps keep drains from overflowing. We see lots of undersized floor drains.

This from the manufacturer:

JUDO Point-Rotation-System
The PROFI and PROFIMAT allows water to flow and be filtered through a stainless steel filter sieve, which traps and retains all the physical impurities until an manual (JPF) or automatic (JPF-A) backwash is initiated. During backwash there is NO interruption to the buildings water supply or to the filtration process due to the working principals of the filters patented point-rotation-system allowing water to be filtered even during a backwash cycle.

The JUDO PROFI series is the first Self-Cleaning Backwash Point-of-entry water filtration system of its kind that is CSA and NSF 61 approved and certified for applications on domestic potable water supplies in North America!



ATS manufacturers (in the USA!) water treatment from standalone UV sterilizers that compete with the Chinese imports, up to Log 4 water treatment and completely custom treatment skids. We use the SMKB treatment skids (with a carbon filter upstream to remove organic carbon) to treat rainwater to potable in commercial buildings. It also treats municipal water to the WELL building standard.

Residential UV Treatment, 8 - 20 GPM, 99.9% bacteria reductionPDSClick here
Commercial UV Treatment, 40mJ/cm2, NSF 55 Class A, 40-700 GPMASVClick here
Commercial UV Treatment, 186Mj/cm2, third-party tested 99.99% reduction, 10-480 GPM186KClick here
Commercial Log4 Treatment Skid, 99.99% reduction of viruses, bacteria, and cystsSMKBClick here