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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting



Often, commercial landscaping has an irrigation system, but it isn't used because of the cost of water. What if water was free? How much would a lush landscaping improve sales? Raise property values? 

In many areas, stormwater management requirements can be fulfilled using rainwater harvesting. Yes it costs more than the cheapest methods. But what is the payback on a retention pond?

Cistern Type

It's hard to argue with the economics of concrete, especially when a cistern can be created in the corner of a parking deck. The piping is easy to route, and added cost is minimal. A stormwater vault is usually downstream, to manage larger storms and dirtier runoff (green roofs or parking areas).

We recommend that the cistern designer coordinate with the rainwater equipment supplier, to ensure that cistern water quality meets ARCSA standards. A properly installed prefilter, calming inlet, overflow, and mosquito-prevention devices will prevent future problems.

Intewa Purain Prefilter

The Purain is ideal for installation inside cisterns, as they have the lowest inverts in the industry. Like all rainwater prefilters, the Purain cleans up the water sufficiently for most irrigation applications: no further treatment required!

Pedrollo UP Pump

The UP has the lowest submergence requirement of any submersible pump, allowing maximum tank utilization. Most irrigation applications require just a single pump, and the UP meets many design point criteria, up to 15 GPM @ 100 PSI, or 35 GPM @ 60 PSI.

Now available in 480V/3Ø, exclusively from Georgia Water Tanks.

Yaskawa IQ Pump VFD & Controller

The IQ Pump VFD is Yaskawa's industry-leading P1000 VFD, loaded with pumping-specific software. The drive alone provides all the controls we recommend for automatic pumping, and the built-in display provides performance data in units that operators expect, like PSI for discharge pressure and feet for cistern level. Touchscreen and building automation connectivity are available.

Flow Meters and Monitoring

Many of our customers are finding that putting flow monitoring on their building network is either expensive or unreliable. Georgia Water Tanks has found a solution that is simple and affordable, using standard industrial-grade products.