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DAB Pump Selection

Paco Pump Selection

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Rainwater Pumps

DAB Water Technology/DWT Group

Such an array of choices when it comes to rainwater pump selections. Below, we give our recommendations for the most common uses we see.

Pulsar Dry

One of the best pumps for small flow rainwater pumping I've seen. Built-in threaded connection, to connect to a floating filter intake. Perfect for residential and small commercial irrigation. It's water cooled, so quieter and cooler. 

The sealing system ensures the motor remains airtight and the mechanical seal holds even after

brief periods of no-water operation. 

Continuous service asynchronous submersible motor. Stator incorporated in an AISI 304 stainless steel airtight casing with a cover housing the cables and capacitor. Rotor mounted on oversized ball bearings to ensure silent running and long life. Incorporated thermal current protection and permanently connected capacitor in the single-phase version. As regards three-phase protection, a motor overload cut out should be fitted, in accordance with current standards. Built to IEC 2-3 and IEC 61-69
(EN 60335-2-41).

Pumps are generally in stock, with 1 day shipment to anywhere in Georgia.


  • Operating range: from 5 - 20 gpm, 30' - 60' TDH

  • IP 68 submersible motor protection

  • PClass F motor insulation 

  • Up to 100°F operating temperature

  • Maximum depth of immersion: 60'

  • The single-phase versions can be supplied with or without floats for automatic operation.

S Series Commercial Duty Submersible Pumps

ALL STAINLESS multistage, centrifugal, submerged motor-driven pumps for 4” wells or larger. They can be employed in a wide range of lifting, distributing and pressurizing applications in civil and industrial water installations, supplying autoclaves and cisterns, washing systems, irrigation systems.  

Pumps are generally in stock, with 1 day shipment to anywhere in Georgia.


  • 3 - 100 gpm flow range

  • 1/3 - 7.5 horsepower motors

  • All 304 stainless construction, pumps and motors

  • Built in check valve

  • Temperature range to +100˚F

  • IP 68 rated

  • Class F insulation


Drenag 100% Stainless Steel Sump Pump

Used for the drainage of clean water, sludge or sandy water containing solid bodies up to 3/8". Pumps are generally in stock, with 1 day shipment to anywhere in Georgia.


  • 30 - 100 gpm 

  • 20 - 45' TDH

  • Can run horizontally and vertically

  • Can run also when partially submerged​​

  • Liquid cooled motor- quiet

  • Double mechanical seal with oil chamber
  • Single phase version includes capacitor and motor protection


  • Convenient to use

  • Safe and reliable

  • Simple to install


SM Series Multistage Centrifugal, Submersible Pumps

for Wells 6" and larger

Suitable for a wide range of pumping in irrigation, municipal, and industrial installations. 

  • 304 Stainless base support and upper head
  • Integral check valve
  • Bush bearings: bronze rubber.
  • 420 stainless Spline shaft (420) entirely protected.
  • Consumable rings, spacer tubes for diffuser body, cable protection, suction grille in 304 stainless steel.
  • Noryl impellers and diffusers.

TR Series All Stainless Submersible Motors

for Wells 6" and larger

  • All 304 stainless construction
  • Self-centering thrustblock bearing suitable for withstanding axial loads.
  • Stator inserted in a stainless steel airtight casing.
  •  IP 68 dust and submersion rating
  • Operating range: up to 300 gpm with heads up to 1500' TDH
  • Max. ambient temperature: 30?C.
  • Suitable for up to 20 starts/hour 
  • Max. quantity of sand: 40g/m3.
  • Minimum recommended level on suction:  3 feet


Paco LC Series Centrifugal Pumps

The Paco (or Grundfos CBS) pump is my favorite pump for pressure boosting applications. Certified NSF 61. One of the broadest ranges of selections in the industry. Simple pump selection online, with no registration requirement. Revit models available. But most importantly, the MOST EFFICIENT pump around. 4 - 8 week lead time, depending on motor availability.