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Supertank Brochure

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Design Guide

Below-Ground steel Water Tanks 

by WRS 

The Supertank

 The WRS Supertank is corrugated steel in its core, which makes it more durable than most tanks available today. WRS then coats the steel with a Dupont polymer. The combination of polymer over steel yields the most durable, easiest to install, at prices equivalent to other tanks.

WRS Supertanks are manufactured in over a dozen locations, reducing freight costs and the carbon footprint of your project.

The Supertank is vehicle load rated with less than 24" of cover. Or, the Supertank can be installed as deep as 20'. No tank can be buried deeper or load-rated shallower than the Supertank. Anchoring is the simplest in the industry. Fill material can be native soil or locally-sourced ungraded gravel, instead of unsustainable and expensive pea gravel. 

The Supertank is pre-plumbed, requiring no field cutting or fitting installations. 

Georgia Water Tanks warrants the Supertank for 30 years, both parts and labor. The expected life of the product is 100 years, far longer than other tanks.

The Supertank, available exclusively in Georgia through Georgia Water Tanks, is quite simply the best below-grade tank available for rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, or drinking water storage.

Available Sizes

 The WRS Supertank is available in the following diameters: 6', 7', 8', 9', 10, and 11.5'. Length can be from 14' - 48', as required.