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Richard Hanson

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Richard Hanson

A 1989 graduate of Georgia Tech, Richard has worked in the field of water pressure control his entire career. First as a manufacturer's rep for SyncroFlo, Watts Regulator, and other control valve companies, covering southeast Georgia and portions of Atlanta. Then 20 years at SyncroFlo, in every department: Production, Purchasing, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, Accounting, Field Service, Commissioning, etc.  It was there that he discovered rainwater harvesting, starting in the the late 90's with Gwinnett County Schools' use of alternative water supplies for turf irrigation, cisterns in Puerto Rico, and culminating in offering treatment and pumping skids.

After a friendly parting, now moving back into the rep business for Georgia, eager to find new ways to serve the water control needs in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. His goal is for rainwater harvesting to be part of the design of most projects, especially in areas where stormwater management is required.

Formal Education:

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech

Continuing Education:

ABPA Certified Backflow Preventer Technician (certification expired)

Hydraulic Institute - Pump Systems Matter

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA)

Factory Training:

Watts Regulator - backflow preventers, water & steam PRV's, ASME pressure relief valves, galvanic corrosion, thermal expansion, steam traps 

SyncroFlo-domestic water boosters, municipal pumping, fire protection, golf course irrigation, service and commissioning

Watts ACV/Muesco control valves

Goulds Commercial Pumps

Goulds Vertical Turbine Pumps


ARCSA Associated Professional

Hydraulic Institute - Pump Systems Matter - "Subject Matter Expert and Instructor"


2012 Pete Warshaw Industry Service Award - American Society of Plumbing Engineers

Water for People – Our Charity

Based in Denver, Colorado, Water For People is an international nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to eradicating water poverty by supporting safe drinking water and sanitation programs in the developing world. We work in Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America.

Around the world, 783 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion are without adequate sanitation facilities. Every day, nearly 6,000 people who share our planet die from water-related illnesses, and the vast majority are children.

We believe that everyone should have safe water forever. Please join us in reaching this goal.

Each month, Georgia Water Tanks donates a portion of its sales to Water for People


United States Green Building Council

Georgia Association of Water Professionals

Georgia Rural Water Assocation

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

National Fire Protection Association

American Society of Plumbing Engineers

Georgia water tanks Sports Club

We at Georgia Water Tanks love a good race, or even just a nice run or ride. We formed Georgia Water Tanks Sports Club to encourage our associates and friends to do the same. If you are in the water industry, and would like to join us, please click here.

We offer sponsorships for selected races and striving for heroic athletic accomplishments.

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